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My daily routine and why I love it

I’ve been shaping myself to this routine and am loving it, so would like to share it around.

The routine

TL;DR: Be a morning person, have consistent sleeps, read more, and spend time entertaining yourself and for family.

1. Wake up at 6:30 AM and exercise

While somebody find rolling out of bed early prohibitively difficult, it has been part of my biological clock as a child, since schools in Vietnam often start insanely early in the morning. But let me convince you that there are many goods of being a morning person, such as you have plenty of time to boot your physical body and mental soul up for the long working day ahead.

I usually start the day by hitting the gym at 7 AM. Studies did prove exercising in the morning is good for metabolism and such, speaking for myself I feel physically energized after morning exercises so JUST DO IT<i class="emoji" title=":tm:"><img class="emoji" src="https://twemoji.maxcdn.com/36x36/2122.png" /></i>.

2. Start working from home at 8:00 AM

After exercising, I start doing task planning for the day from home and loading every work-related thing into my brain. I used to find it challenging to be more productive in the morning by starting work at 10 AM, because of the lack of concentration and planning. Basically this is to get myself mentally ready for work when I step out home.

In addition, working early means leaving early, you have more time in the evening.

3. Read while traveling and be at office at 9:30 AM

I have 45 minutes back and forth on the tram everyday, which is a good time for reading. Swedish trams are very comfortable and have plenty of seats available, buy yourself an e-reader and that will be your paradise.

4. Time for entertainment and family

Tomorrow is not promised and today is short. It’s very important to entertain yourself and spend time with your family.

We try our best not to work after office hours. Watching movies and gaming are our frequent choices, sometimes we read books, or do stupid stuff together.

5. Bed at 11:30 PM

A consistent sleep is gold, waking up early = sleeping early. Thanks to Gods, I’m the kind of person who can sleep right after closing my eyes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


  1. I turn to yield more productivity, I’m getting more work done every week.
  2. Gymming brings me better health, at least no more yawning during the day for me.
  3. I have more time for family and myself.
  4. I have 45 minutes of reading time everyday, that’s a decent improvement.

How about you? Feel free to share your routine in the comments.

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