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Worque - CLI that manages your daily notes

I would like to introduce Worque (pronounced as work), which is a CLI to manage all your daily notes like a boss, with vim integration.

Why Worque?

Coders hate report. Yes, let me recap: CODERS HATE REPORT!

  • Ever got stunned when your boss suddenly asked what you’ve done yesterday?
  • To look back at your tasks for today without leaving your beloved terminal and VIM.

If so, worque might be a fit for you.


$ gem install worque

How to use Worque?

Add this to your .bash_profile

$ export WORQUE_PATH='/path/to/your/lovely/notes'

Personally I’d like to map it to my Dropbox.

$ export WORQUE_PATH='~/Dropbox/Notes/Todos'

After that, executing the command below will create a today’s note for you

$ worque todo --for=today
# ~/notes/checklist-2016-07-19.md

Or look back what’s done yesterday.

$ workque todo --for yebsterday
# ~/notes/checklist-2016-07-18.md

Oops! Today is Monday? No worries, worque got you covered

# If today is Monday 25-07-2016
$ workque todo --for yesterday
# ~/notes/checklist-2016-07-22.md

It’s chain-able with other commands

$ vim worque
$ vim $(worque todo --for=yesterday)
$ cat $(worque todo --for=yesterday) | grep pending

Anyway this is how I alias it in my .zshrc or .bash_profile. See https://github.com/qcam/dotfiles/blob/master/zsh/aliases.zsh#L35

$ alias today="vim $(worque todo --for today) +':cd $WORQUE_PATH'"
$ alias ytd="vim $(worque todo --for yesterday) +':cd $WORQUE_PATH'"

Slack Integration

Yes, you can publish your daily notes to Slack too!

Just make sure you have set SLACK_API_TOKEN accordingly to spare your fingers typing everytime. See this post to get an idea of how to generate Slack API Token.

$ export SLACK_API_TOKEN="something-very-secret"

Then you can use worque push to push your notes to Slack

$ worque push --channel=daily-report

# or forgot do it yesterday? No worries!

$ worque push --channel=daily-report --for=yesterday

VIM Integration

Yes, worque loves VIM too!!!

Add this to your vimrc

Plug 'qcam/vim-worque' # if you're using vim-plug
Plugin 'qcam/vim-worque' # or Vundle

Then try :TD, :YTD in your VIM to view the notes for today and yesterday respectively


Read more about worque. Read more about vim-worque. View more in my dotfiles

Happy Reporting!!!

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome!!!

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